Gosang’s Tunnel and Mermaid Inlet

Gosang's tunnel and mermaid inlet

Gosang’s tunnel, located along the South Coast in Currarong, is a 30m long passage that reveals a breathtaking sea cliff view on the other end. The walk to Gosang’s tunnel passes through coastal heath and the sandstone cliffs of Point Perpendicular. Mermaid’s Inlet is a short distance from Gosang’s tunnel and features beautiful views from the cliff edge.

Distance 4.9km
Style Return
Time 1.5hrs
Elevation 78m
Difficulty Easy (although requires crawling through tunnel)

How to get to the start of Gosang’s Tunnel and Mermaid Inlet walk

Gosang’s Tunnel and Mermaid Inlet is accessible by car, approximately 30min drive from Nowra. Park your car at Abrahams Bosom Reserve car park located at Gerringong St, Beecroft Peninsula.

Gosang’s Tunnel and Mermaid Inlet walk notes

On the eastern end of Abrahams Bosom Reserve car park, cross the footbridge over the creek.

Abrahams Bosom reserve

Abrahams Bosom reserve footbridge

Continue along the walk until reaching an intersection with a sign pointing to Bosom Beach, turn right to continue on the trail.

Marions Way to Coomie’s Walk

At the information signpost, there is a three way fork, take the middle path and follow the sign to Marions Way and Mermaids Inlet.

Gosang walk

Marions way and mermaid inlet

Coomie’s Walk to Gosang’s Tunnel

At the next signpost, veer right to follow Coomie’s Walk and Mermaids Inlet. Continue along the walk until reaching the intersection between Lobster Bay and Coomie’s Walk, veer right.

Mermaid inlet sign

gosang and mermaids inlet way

The path will become more shrouded by trees. Follow the sign pointing to Mermaids Inlet. At Big Beecroft, turn left to follow the path to Gosang’s tunnel.

Mermaid inlet path

Gosang tunnel

The track narrows before opening out to a cliff outcrop. At the Gosangs Tunnel sign, turn left to reach the cave nearby.

Path to Gosang's tunnel

Gosang's tunnel cave

The tunnel requires crawling or crab walking to get to the other side. The tunnel opens up to a stunning views of Point Perpendicular.

Gosang's tunnel and point perpendicular

Point perpendicular from Gosang's tunnel

Gosang’s Tunnel to Mermaids Inlet

From Gosang Cave, return to Big Beecroft and walk through the two signs to head towards Mermaids Inlet. The track follows the left cliff line, passing a caution sign.

Mermaid inlet path

Mermaid inlet caution sign

The path will soon reward with amazing views of the crashing waves at Mermaids Inlet. Be cautious of venturing too close to the cliff edge as there can be strong waves.

Mermaid inlet

To return back to the car park, return from the way you came.

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