Pigeon House Mountain Didthul Walk

Pigeon House Mountain
Distance 6km
Style Return
Time 3hrs
Elevation 480m
Difficulty Medium

Pigeon House Mountain is a distinctive peak located in Morton National Park, in the south coast of NSW. From the top of the mountain there are breathtaking panoramic views of the Budawang Ranges and on a clear day, the coastline from Jervis Bay to Bermagui can also be seen.

On the 21st of April, 1770, Captain James Cook, whilst exploring the east coast, described this mountain as “a remarkable peaked hill which resembles a square dove house with a dome on top and for that reason I named it Pigeon House”.

The mountain has a dual name in recognition of its significance to Aboriginal people. ‘Didthul’ is the place name given to the mountain by the local Aboriginal people of the south coast.

Directions to get to the start of Pigeon House Mountain walk

Pigeon House Mountain is accessible by car, about a 40 minute drive from Milton, the closest town. The turn to Clyde Ridge Rd to Pigeon House car park is a 13km drive (approximately 30 minutes) on unsealed road. The unsealed road is negotiable by 2WD cars in dry weather, however it can become boggy in rain.

There are drop toilet facilities at Pigeon House parking.

There are currently no public transport options available.

Pigeon House Mountain walking track notes

Begin at the steep track from the car park. For the first kilometer the track climbs over 200m on a dirt path, hiking up stairs and climbing over some boulders, before reaching a rocky outcrop with good views on the east.

Pigeon house car park

Start of the Pigeon House Mountain track

climbing over boulders at Pigeon house mountain

Climbing over boulders along the Pigeon House Mountain hike

Views from Pigeon House Mountain rocky outcrop

First set of views from the rocky outcrop

The track flattens out over the next kilometer, walking through heathland. Continue on the hike, walking up formed steps, before reaching a set of metal ladders. The route from here is a series of ladders, stairs and platforms.

heathland along the Pigeon House Mountain track

Reaching metal steps at Pigeon house mountain

First set of stairs

Ladder climbing Pigeon House Mountain

Ladder climbing

ladder climbing pigeon house mountain

Be careful climbing the ladders as there is a risk of slips and falls. For safety measures, always face ladders and use both hands when climbing or descending.

cave at pigeon house mountain

There is a sheltered cave close to the summit, which is a good lunch spot during windy and rainy days.

Continue the walk up to reach the Pigeon House Mountain summit plateau and towards the left is the summit proper marked by an old trig station.

Summit of Pigeon House Mountain

Pigeon House Mountain summit views

Views from Pigeon House Mountain summit

When ready, return on the same path to go back to the car park.

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